Jacobite Productions was started in early 2015 by Matthew Widdowson as a way to develop his creative ideas and make them a reality. Named after its creator’s favourite historical period the Jacobite Productions logo also reflects the connection to the era.

Elizabeth Milne was drafted in at short notice for the first major Jacobite production, Backfire, and her talents quickly became essential to the running of the company.

Matthew’s passion for writing enabled Jacobite to quickly turn its hand to producing a feature length film as well as a number of short films and show reel pieces. Over the last two years, Jacobite has produced a number of works and developed a robust and passionate team that work well together to effectively manage every aspect of the production process, from initial idea conception to post-production and distribution. With experience producing short and feature length films, episodic pieces and show reels, Jacobite are currently expanding into audio dramas and documentaries with projects currently in production for both genres.

Our fabulous team work collaboratively across the country and are encouraged to develop their talents and expand their skills within all aspects of the production process. Jacobite are rapidly developing a reputation as a production company that delivers and are always looking for opportunities to take on projects and work collaboratively with other organisations. Jacobite’s historical audio drama is currently in production in collaboration with C&D Productions and local radio networks and will be released in the autumn of 2017.

If you are interested in working with Jacobite Productions or need a reliable company to create your ideas then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.