Black Friday 1745

16 APRIL 2018

History is often made by great deeds, heroic sacrifice and bloody battles. But sometimes the smallest decision can change the course of human destiny. The toss of a coin, the roll of a dice or the simplest of words spoken at the right time.

On 4th December 1745, in a great room lit by the warmth of a fire and the flicker of 100 candles, the fate of the world is being decided here, at Exeter House in Derby.

100 miles South, in London, sits The German King of Britain, George II of the House of Hannover. Here in Derby, his bitter rival to the throne Prince Charles Edward Stuart, buoyant but success in battle, dreams of his family’s restoration. He is known to George II as The Young Pretender, but history will remember him a different name, history will remember Bonnie Prince Charlie.

With is loyal Highland Army The Bonnie Prince, and his General Lord George Murray, have secured battle victory in Scotland and England, bringing them to this place on this night and the eve of total victory.

The decisions made in Exeter House, tonight, and the power struggle between two proud men, will make or break the Stuart & Jacobite cause here, now on BLACK FRIDAY 1745!

Jake Ashton, Andrew Maxwell, Dan Collins, Mia Nicolaides

Audio / Radio Play
Chris Lynch, Elizabeth Milne
Matthew C Widdowson
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